Aeolian Islands (FD)

Stromboli, Aeolian Islands (ME)

Stromboli, Aeolian Islands (ME)

Join this wonderful full day excursion to the Aeolian Islands, north of the Sicilian coast in the Tyrrhenian Sea, a true paradise on earth. We will visit  the island of Vulcano where we can walk to the thermal baths or take a boat trip around the island to see the Pool of Venus, the Horses Grotto and the Valley of Monsters.

We will then visit Lipari, the largest of the Aeolian Islands, with free time to walk through the island on your own, visit the Aeolian Archaeological Museum, or take a tour around the island, or simply go swimming in the crystal-clear water of the Mediterranean.

Then to the island of Stromboli, actually a still active volcano.

Palmi and Sant’Elia

Rock of the Olive Tree, Palmi

Palmi (RC)

Visit of Palmi and its very interesting Museum of Ethnography and Folklore (House of Culture). On the way back along the enchanting Costa Viola (Violet Coast), the coast between Scylla and Palmi.

We will stop on Mount St. Elias to admire the breathtaking landscape on the Tyrrhenian sea: the Strait of Messina, Punta Peloro Capo Milazzo, the Aeolian Islands.

Aspromonte Ntl. Park


Aspromonte Ntl. Park (RC)

Visit of Gambarie on the Aspromonte Mountains. Here you can see the “Cippo di Garibaldi”, the pine-tree where Garibaldi sat when he was wounded.The protected area is the central point of the mountain range, dominated by the peak of Montalto, which with its 1956 meters, it is the highest peak, one of the most scenic spots. Aspromonte enjoys a very diverse environment where the Mediterranean Maquis gives way to dense forests.

Pentedattilo and Bova

pentedattilo-di-notte (1)

Visit of Pentedattilo, suggestive abandoned village, perched on a cliff by the characteristic shape of a hand. The village, situated on a hill with a beautiful landscape with an almost lunar atmosphere, is evocative of ancient tragedies, in particular, its fame is linked to the tragedy of the Alberti family …

We then visit Bova, the moral capital of Greek Calabria, the village and the castles frow where we will enjoy breath-taking views of the Mediterranean landscape and the Ionian sea.

Tropea and Pizzo


Saint Mary of the Island, Tropea(VV)

Visit of Tropea and Pizzo. In Pizzo we will visit the Church of Piedigrotta, charming and unique in its kind, as it is excavated in sandstone, a few meters away from the sea. You will then see the Aragonese Castle, infamous for Murat’s execution.

We then continue to Tropea where you will visit the Cathedral, the main street with its Belvedere over the Tyrrhenian Sea and Saint Mary of the island.

Stilo and Bivongi


Visit of the old town of Stilo and the famous Byzantine Basilica “The Catholic.” This temple, dating from the x century AD, is one of the most significant symbols of the Basilian monasticism, with its splendid frescoes inside, today, unfortunately in a precarious state of conservation, but equally reminiscent of the deep sacredness and spirituality of the Basilian monks.

In Bivongi, we will visit Saint John Therestis’ (The Reaper) Monastery, an Ancient Monastery abandoned by Greek Monks around the year 1000 and re-opened in 1994. Time to drink a glass of the renowned Bivongi red wine (upon request, excursions to the Marmarico Falls can be arranged.)

Lipari and Vulcano(Full day)


Lipari, Aeolian Islands

We will begin our walking tour by heading toward the Acropolis with its archaeological artifacts, the Archaeological Museum. Then a walk to Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Lipari’s main street. In the afternoon, we will drive a 27-kilometre round trip: from Lipari  and towards the small village of Canneto. Along the way, we will stop to view the magnificent and huge white pumice cliffs of four distant villages: Quattrocchi, Quattropani, Porticello and Campo Bianco. In Canneto, we will stop for a refreshing granita before returning to Lipari Città.

Then, we will travel by hydrofoil to Vulcano.In Vulcano, we will take a walking tour in the village, then to the beach to view the mud pool of Acqua di Bagno, a thermal bath fed by hot springs and located near the Faraglione hill.

Mt. Etna and Taormina(FD)


Taormina (ME)

Mt. Etna and Taormina(FD)

Excursion to Mt. Etna, one of Europe’s most active volcanoes. In the 20th Century, the most violent eruptions occurred in 1910, leading to the formation of 23 additional craters.We will visit the Crateri Silvestri, an area at 2,000 metres (6,000 feet).

In the afternoon, we will visit Taormina, the true gem of Sicily, the the land of the“Dolce far niente”. Taormina combines the marvelous blues of the sea and sky, and the picturesque mountains. We will visit Taormina’s most important monument: the Greco-Roman Theatre. The Villa Comunale and its amazing variety plants, from the most common to the most exotic.

Reggio Calabria and Scylla


Reggio Calabria

Tour of Reggio Calabria, the Museum with the famous Bronze Statues, the Promenade defined by Gabriele D’Annunzio Italy’s most beautiful km, the Roman Baths, the Greek walls and the Cathedral.

In the afternoon, excursion to visit Scylla (ancient fishermen’s village), the Ruffo Castle, the amazing village of Chianalea with the houses located right on the sea, the lookout.